The Muzzle controls positive and negative pressure and is equipped with high-precision sensors. Because of this, it can accurately managed to adjust the pressure course almost to a 1/1.000th of a second. Only then the change of pressure can be controlled so that a milking process is created, which imitates the pressures and timing of a suckling calf. Robust and waterproof, it fits perfectly in the harsh environment of a milking parlor.


Each milking station is equipped with a C2-Controller which shows all important parameters of the milking post. The intelligent software control ensures that the pulsation over the whole plant is sequential and balanced. This keeps the pressure in the vacuum and pressure lines constant and is an important factor for consistent milking results. The C2-Controller is designed for the environment in dairy farms – waterproof and extremely sturdy.

Milking Cluster

The milking cluster is durable, hardwearing and of a balanced weight range. It is equipped with a secret weapon – the insert:
Cluster, liner, inserts and shells are especially designed for the innovative Calf35 system and essentially contribute to the improved milk levy, reduced kick offs and the decrease of infections.

The excellent quality of the applied materials reflects in the superb ageing qualities and reliability.


for the fitter

  • Satisfied clients thanks to outstanding milking results
  • Innovative and worldwide patented technology, exclusively for fitters
  • Hardware and software directly from the manufacturer
  • ISO standard test implemented after long terms testing, online monitoring
  • Early damage recognition
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Monitoring of wearing parts

for the farmer

  • Significantly higher milk flow with shorter milking times
  • Hardly any kick offs & cup slips
  • Almost no stress during the milking process
  • Higher milk quality
  • Healthy cows, meaning less cost for medication
  • Animals live longer
  • Quality monitoring
  • Early damage and attrition recognition, meaning no malfunction, damage or unpredicted downtime
  • Considerable labour and time saving