Milking - the natural way

What you need

Valve - Calf35 Muzzle

Controller: C2-Controller

Milking Cluster and inserts by Calf35

What you get

Significantly increased average milk levy

Up to 99% decrease of infections (mastitis)

Substantial lower somatic cell counts

Replace your conventional milking system with an innovative and modern solution: Calf35. Thanks to an unprecedented technology, you can nurse the cows, reduce the default rate due to infections, speed up the milking times and significantly improve the quality of the milk.

To achieve these benefits, the Calf35 system uses a newly developed combination of low vacuum (around 35kPa) and gentle positive pressure during pulsation. Where did this idea come from? It was copied from nature – with Calf35 you milk cows like a suckling calf.

Additionally we use liners especially developed for Calf35 with patented inserts for best results. Thus, the pressure curve during the pulsation is further optimized and the cow has an even better milking experience through a softer and controlled movement of the liners.

Thanks to decades of experience in control and monitoring of pressure ratios, we are ready to revolutionize the industrial milking.

Are you ready, too?