Using state-of-the-art, ultra-modern technology, the Calf35 system is able to control the pressure ratios of the different sides in the cluster in fractions of a second. Thanks to the high precision sensors, the Muzzle responds to any change and guarantees an optimal milking process. Combining low vacuum (around 35kPa) and positive pressure, the system is able to replicate the calf's suckling behavior, that has been optimized through thousands of years of evolution.

This innovative milking technology ensures a significantly better blood circulation and health of the teats. The results speak for themselves: Thanks to the Calf35 system, the cows are gently milked and over a 12 month period mastitis infections can be reduced from a typical 50%-150% of a herd to the region of only 5% to 10% of a high producing herd on an annual basis. Although milked with a very low vacuum, the gentle positive pressure in combination with the specially developed liners ensures, that no cup slips off the teat during milking.


Healthy cows for better milk

The Calf35 system imitates the pressure ratio that occurs when a calf is suckling and in addition it replicates the speed of the suckling. Another specialty of Calf35 is, that the milking process runs in the range of 80 to 90 cycles per minute instead of the conventional 60cpm. This reduces the average milking time to less than five minutes, and it also increases the amount of milk delivered. As a result, the cows are optimally milked empty and the quality of the milk increases through a higher fat and protein content. With a milking system by Calf35 you create a far happier environment for cows and people.
Furthermore by removing unnatural physiological stresses to the animal, the natural defenses of the animal can act as they should – with results

of massively reduced cases of mastitis and somatic cell counts. With less inflammation and infection in the udder, the times and costs associated with medical remedy can be vastly reduced. In order to achieve the promised targets, every Calf35 system is individually adapted to the conditions and environment on site. In the first few weeks, the performance of the herd is closely monitored to respond to any improvement. The time of change-over is crucial: the cows need to get used to the more natural experience and the damaged teats need to heal. The milking results will initially improve slowly after installing a Calf35 system, but will improve significantly after a few weeks.